Standing Desk Accessories You Don't Want to Miss

standing desk

Standing is certainly healthier for workers than sitting all day, and more office workers are now using standing desks to limit their sitting time. Along with your standing desk, there are a number of accessories that can make your standing time at work more comfortable.

Ergonomic Monitor Stand

When you are standing, your monitor can't be at the same height that it was at before. The monitor stand that you choose should be adjustable so that it can be set to a comfortable height for your monitor. Hunching over to see it or straining to see it will quickly cause strain, making this accessory a must-have for those at a standing desk. Experiment with different heights to find just the right one that will keep you from having neck or back strain.

Comfortable Shoes

Many office workers wear shoes that look good but are impractical for standing for long periods. When you have a standing desk, your wardrobe may have to be re-planned. Your shoes should be a highly padded type that will hold up over hours of standing. You may also need looser clothing because of how much more you will be moving around. It is also helpful to have a padded mat to stand on as you work.


With a standing desk, you certainly intend to stand much of the time while working. However, there will be times that you want breaks from standing. A number of chairs now exist that keep you from completely passive sitting. Some people prefer to sit on a fitness ball during their breaks from standing. Others can find a chair that requires them to continue to work abdominal muscles as they sit. Find an office furniture arrangement that is comfortable for you without being so passive that you forget about your standing time.

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