The Pros and Cons of Mesh Task Chairs

mesh chair

The office furniture that you choose becomes an important part of the office itself. It's where your employees sit, how they hold information, where they spend their time and where they collaborate with others. Many offices wonder whether mesh task chairs are a comfortable choice for employees or whether these might prove uncomfortable over time. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Mesh Chair Pros

Mesh task chairs are well-known for their give. The back of the chair is mesh, so it is extremely accommodating to the user. This mesh is also highly breathable, so even if you sit in the chair for long periods, your back won't feel hot and/or sweat. Some people also like the give of the mesh because they like to move around a lot, and they like that the back will accommodate their movements and positions. For people who have trouble getting comfortable in other chairs, a mesh task chair often has the flexibility they've been looking for. It also has a smooth feeling when it stretches, a feeling that many office workers prefer.

Mesh Chair Cons

Like other types of chairs, not everyone prefers this kind. Some don't like the feel of mesh and find it to be harsh or abrasive to the skin. Some prefer to have chairs that have different textures or that don't offer so much stretch. The give that many office workers like can feel to others that it didn't offer proper support to the back. The give may make some users feel that it moves too much or that they worry about stretching out the mesh too much. Because there are fewer design options available for mesh chairs, some workers don't like the limited styles and colors available.

Choosing Chairs

One of the best choices is to have office furniture options. Having some mesh chairs and some non-mesh ones allows employees to find the one that best works for them. Those who like mesh will find it to be highly accommodating. Those who don't like the texture may opt for vinyl or a leather-backed chair instead.

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