Office Furniture That Boosts Productivity


Given the amount of time that the average American worker spends in the office, they must have a functional and comfortable work environment. The average workweek has increased to 44 hours. It has also been shown that when employees have a comfortable workspace, their productivity increases by 20%. Understanding these statistics can help guide the office furniture you select and how it is arranged. 

Unsure About Office Furniture? 

If you have questions about what furniture is best for your office, ask the people who will be spending the most time there – your employees! Understanding what they like and don’t like about the current office setup can help you make appropriate decisions. Also, involving employees in the discussion makes them feel invested in the company. They will be able to provide highlights to issues that you may not have even considered. We’ve highlighted three furniture pieces that are specially designed to be comfortable, as well as ergonomic construction that will boost productivity. 

Ergonomic Chair

As workers spend so much time sitting, it makes sense to provide ergonomically designed office chairs. This can alleviate sore backs, necks, and deliver overall comfort. The chair should be adjustable so that it suits each particular person. It should also provide lumbar support and adjustments so that each person can get the perfect fit. Padded armrests also support the arms and shoulders. 

Sit-Stand Desk

Sitting for extended periods can lead to several health issues such as poor circulation, back problems, numbness, and higher blood sugar. Today, some desks easily convert from a traditional desk to a standing desk. This encourages employees to switch between sitting and standing occasionally. This movement can improve circulation and focus. If your office doesn’t have the space to accommodate standing desks, consider placing the copier or coffee area away in a corner. This will encourage employees to move and walk occasionally. 

Communal Work Desk

Consider adding a communal work desk where teams can collaborate and share new ideas. This area can also be used for group meetings or conference calls. As this flexible space can boost productivity and creativity, it’s an important area to provide for your employees. Some even support technology with power outlets and storage drawers for laptops. 

When looking for the best furniture for your office and to engage your employees, give our team at American Business Equipment a call! When you have the right office furniture, everyone will be happier.