Mesh Chairs are a Popular Office Furniture Choice

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It may not seem like it, but the hot summer months aren't that far away. If you're looking for a more refreshing alternative for your office furniture, why not consider summer-friendly mesh seating? More and more business leaders are opting for mesh chairs for their employees and visiting clients.

When Mesh is Better

Mesh office chairs are a comfortable, long-lasting furniture option and it's easy to see why. Let's take a quick look at the benefits:


Breathable mesh is unsurpassed in the summer months, and it's invaluable in warm environments filled with office equipment. The design of the mesh backing allows for superior ventilation as opposed to upholstered office chairs, which can cause heat to build up. No one likes the uncomfortable feeling of a damp back, but the built-in ventilation of a mesh chair helps regulate temperatures and keep employees more comfortable.


Has your upholstered office furniture succumbed to moisture build-up caused by sweat? Regular cleaning may help reduce the problem, but eventually, replacement may be necessary. Mesh chairs keep employees dryer, resulting in a chair that won't need quite so much cleaning to stay fresh. Mesh is also very durable, giving your office furniture budget more room for other purchases like new desks and storage solutions.


Mesh chairs are a popular choice among start-up companies and millennials. The minimalist styling and slim design echo midcentury concepts—an interior design trend that's extremely popular in business offices and homes around the world.

Is it time to take your office furniture from worn-out and boring to trendy, comfortable, and durable? To find out what's new and how to find a design that reflects your company culture, get in touch with us at American Business Equipment today!