Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

classroom, raising hand

The 21st-century classroom requires 21st-century solutions to engage tech-savvy students. Interactive whiteboards are one solution teachers are deploying to help students enjoy, respond to, and retain the information they receive in the classroom.

Interactive Whiteboard Benefits

To get a feel for what you can do with interactive whiteboards, it helps to understand that you can reproduce anything you typically do on your computer screen. So, what are you doing now? Imagine it bigger, better, and much more practical for a group setting, and you'll have a feel for the benefits of interactive whiteboards in your classroom.

Here are some of the advantages teachers in all types and sizes of classroom settings found most helpful.

  1. Lesson planning. Easily integrate visual and auditory items into your lesson plan. Link websites, music, photo images, video clips and more to help round out your lesson.

  2. Student involvement. Interactive whiteboards give students a chance to respond to information. From verbal comments to written responses added directly to the screen, interactive whiteboards engage students on a level not easily achieved with other teaching aids.

  3. Multiple learning styles. The typical classroom includes students with a variety of learning styles. Interactive whiteboards allow students of all learning styles to participate and absorb information in a way that works best for them. Visual learners respond to the high-definition display. Auditory learners appreciate the high-quality auditory features, and hands-on learners love to get involved by touching or writing directly on the screen for real-time responses.

  4. Save and print. Did you know you can save and print your lessons directly from your interactive whiteboard's images? Printed lessons are yet another way to help students retain information, and eliminates the need for them to divide their attention by taking notes during the presentation.

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