How to Thrive in Your Workspace

office furniture

In the office, presenting an image that is mature and professional will always get you further. Here's how to use your workspace to create that image.

Get Rid of the Excess Stuff

Very few people always have a perfectly neat and tidy desk. But, they can always strive to make it function better for them. One way that our own workspace can betray us is to be full of unnecessary items. There may be old papers you don't need anymore, condiment packets from last month, pieces from a project that has been abandoned, etc. Having too much stuff not only makes your desk look messy, to many people it will look unprofessional. Get rid of any extra items that you can do without and you'll suddenly have a lot more room to thrive without having to get new office furniture.

Whittle Down Personal Decor

No one wants a blank desk with no sense of personality, but a desk covered in pictures, stress toys, paperweights and other personal items from home create a big distraction. They also take up space in your workspace and make it harder to stay organized. To keep on top of personal items and to keep them from accumulating, come up with a number of personal things you will allow yourself to keep on your desk. It may be three items on top and three more in a drawer. For small items, it may be five on the surface and none put away. Anytime you're tempted to bring a new thing to work, think about whether you like it enough to get rid of one of the objects that is already there.

Keep Organized

One of the best things you can do in your workspace is to keep it well organized so that you never have to search your desk for anything. Do you want your supervisor to be impatient anytime they ask you for an item because they know it will take you a while to find it? It's unprofessional, and it can even signal others as a lack of maturity. Every drawer, as well as the top of your desk, should be neatly organized with everything always kept in the same place. That way, you know where to reach in and get the item you need instead of spending 10 minutes on an embarrassing search.

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