Hosting Video Conferences

video conference

Virtually every business needs to hold conferences now and then. Even a very small company will have to get its employees together for announcements, assignments and to organize projects. However, not every employee will be in the same building at the same time. And when people from other companies need to be in the conference, the logistics can get even more complicated. To make everything far easier, there is video conferencing.

The Visual Edge

While telephone conferences may still have their place, most companies have given them up in favor of video conferencing. When you can see the participants as well as hear them, you have many advantages over only having the audio of the participants. When you can see them, including their body language and gestures, you get a better picture of what is most important to each person who speaks. And, anyone who participates can introduce a photo or drawing into the conference. This allows for a far easier time of explaining concepts to the group.

Full Attention

If you've ever gotten bored on a conference call and let your mind wander, you aren't alone. When all you have is an audio connection to the other participants, it's easy to get distracted by other things or to daydream without anyone else knowing about it. When there's video involved, every participant will be eager to show that they are paying attention. They won't be scrolling around on their phones or checking email while someone else is talking. You can expect better engagement from everyone involved when you have a good video input from everyone.

Getting to Know Them

When you have regular video conferences with a group, you get to know them, and they get to know you. When it's only audio, yo have no face to put with the voice. Video conferencing allows you to become far more familiar with everyone who is involved with the conferences. That often leads to better bonds to form between them, and this often makes collaborations easier because participants are more comfortable asking for input from people who they know.

When you're ready for high-quality video conferencing, contact us to get started. We can bring your whole team together for more effective and productive meetings.