Fixing Voice Echoes in Your Video Conference

video conferencing

The point of the video conference is to allow everyone to hear and see each other. If there is an echo in the audio portion, it makes it too challenging to listen to those talking. However, there are a few ways to fix this problem so that the conference can go on.

Why It Echoes

The echo is created when sounds come out of the speaker and go right back into your microphone. This problem creates a continuous echo that can garble the sounds coming out of the speaker. One frequent cause of this problem is having the speaker and the microphone positioned far close to each other. If you hear your own voice with a delay from the speakers, it is likely this problem causing it. Try moving the two further apart until the echo is gone.

Change Your Speaker

One way to combat this problem is to change from using a microphone and speaker that are out in the open to using one that is in a set of headphones. If you hear that the echo is on the end of someone else, ask that person to wear headphones to end the problem. Because the speaker of the headphones is in your ear instead of out in the open, it would be difficult for that sound to go back into the microphone and cause an echo. It may be necessary for everyone video conferencing to wear headphones during it.

Using the Mute Option

When there are multiple people in the video conference, it may get more complicated to combat the echo. With many locations involved and many speakers and microphones, sometimes a better solution is to ask those in the conference to use their mute button unless they are talking to the group. With everyone muted at once, it's easier to pinpoint where the echo is coming from by having each unmute themselves in turn. One of those who unmutes will bring the echo back to the conference.

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