Adopt These Simple Habits to Organize Your Workspace

organized workspace

Most of us find it challenging to keep our workspace organized and clutter-free, but a few nearly-effortless new habits can make a huge difference.

  1. Be more intentional. Mindfulness plays a role in everything we do, and that includes what we do with the everyday items that help us complete work-related tasks. Choose a place for every object in your workspace, then be more intentional about putting each one away as soon as you're finished with it.
  2. Try the one-minute rule. It's common to leave organizational tasks for the big push or the designated clean-up day, but why let clutter get out of hand? Learn to recognize tasks that take a minute or less to complete. Take advantage of small blocks of time to put stray items away.
  3. Come in early or stay late. You may not have much success tidying a long-neglected workspace while you're trying to accomplish other tasks. Interruptions from colleagues and a need to focus critical, time-sensitive activities can all undermine your organizing session. Plan one day a week or month to arrive early or stay late to give your desk and work area the attention it needs.
  4. Go paperless. Paper documents can clutter up a workspace in just a few hours. Instead of relying on paper-based business processes, try digital documents and workflow automation to eliminate your dependence on paper and the office clutter that goes along with it.
  5. Update your office furniture. Not in love with your office furniture? If your desk and storage solutions aren't the right fit for your needs, updating it could be the incentive you need to become more organized. A workspace with stylish, practical office furniture can lead to better productivity every day.

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