3 Versatile Video Conferencing Applications

video conferencing

Video conferencing can be a versatile, money-saving tool in your company's line-up of technologies. Here's a look at three top benefits.

1. Connect Coworkers

Face-to-face meetings aren't always possible. Video conferencing provides a variety of ways to connect coworkers, improving productivity and saving organizations thousands of dollars each year in travel costs. For example, some companies have used video conferencing to create an office portal that's always on and ready to access. Employees can use it to conduct spontaneous brainstorming sessions, collaborate on digital documents, and form meaningful connections with coworkers at satellite locations.

2. Push new ideas through faster.

Video conferencing makes collaboration sessions more accessible and more productive than traditional methods. Instead of losing an entire day as employees travel from one satellite office to the next, video conferencing gives coworkers instant access to each other as they collaborate on your latest projects. Screen sharing allows for highly-productive design reviews to occur spontaneously, eliminating the confusion and hassles of sharing information via email. Employees can provide feedback instantly, speeding up the entire design process and pushing through project approvals in record time.

3. Personalize the sales process.

While your company may not be able to spend time and money for a face-to-face meeting, many clients appreciate the convenience of video conferencing. And without the benefit of a face-to-face meeting, companies can lose momentum when trying to close a sale. Video conferencing allows you to conduct a personal encounter with clients, delivering informative presentations, sharing descriptive content, and providing valuable feedback in real time. With face-to-face video conferencing, you'll have a useful sales tool for closing more deals and wrapping up projects in less time than ever before.

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